Sunday, January 10, 2010

I miss you MAYA...

I thought I would post some of my 3D work since I hadn't up until this point, I haven't used Maya in such a long time because I need a new computer to be able to texture map and render everything. I have so many environments and characters in my head that I want to do but for now i'll stick to drawing and, see you soon MAYA!

La Llorona: character design, based on some mexican art for my rigging class

Bo Bo: character design came from a random project in my Digital Cel class. I still don't know where the idea for him came from. He's a little creepy but his temperament is excessively nice. He has a buddy named Karl that i need to start/

"The Factory" :just a project i've been working on off and on, aerial shot of the over all model. i usually don't work without a concept drawing but i literally just sat down and started modeling one day and that's what i got. Sooooo i still need to sketch the scene out so i know what goes where..

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