Friday, January 14, 2011

2011 Spring Wishlist

photo credit: google

I constantly find myself dreaming of Spring as soon as the holidays are over. My shopping list for spring consists of: knit shorts, exotic prints, nude dresses, A-line skirts and sheer pastels


Chelsea Lauren said...

I am LOVING your blog. And believe me.. I went shopping yesterday and couldn't keep my hands off all the new spring clothes! I was practically drooling.

I dying for a pair of knit or lace shorts like those ones and am loving the color palette here.

Marisa Scott said...

aww thanks so much Chelsea! Yea I've got my shopping list as soon as Christmas is over I'm totally longing for spring

I've been looking everywhere for some grey knit shorts like those, once I find some I'll post pics and a link of where to buy them