Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spring Beauty Haul

here are my beauty picks for sprint (From L to R)
1-NYC Showtime Mascara and eyelash curler
2-NYC Creme stick blush in Big Apple
3-Neutrogena Visibly Even moisturizer and foaming cleanser
4-Loreal Studio Secret Primer and Youth Code Serum
5-CG Outlast lip stain in #435

I thought I'd do a beauty post because A-I've never done one and B-with spring upon us I was feeling in "beauty" mood. I love the NYC mascara, mostly because its cheap and it does a great job of keeping my lashes separated and clump free. I've found that if I put mascara on first and then curl my lashes ( i know technically you're not supposed to do that but it works fine as long as the mascara is completely dry) my lashes stay curled longer. Curling them is a must for me or they end up falling in my eyes. Neutrogena's visibly even line is a staple of mine as well, I love how smooth it makes my skin feel and the moisturizer is aaaaah-mazing! The Loreal primer and Serum are new to me, I saw the commercials for them and thought I'd give them a try. I'll keep you guys posted on how i like them.


Claire said...

Cool! I'd like to know how well that Neutrogena works.

Marisa Scott said...

i love the Neutrogena, been using it for while it'll make ur skin feel uber soft!

oomph. said...

neutrogena has some great products. i always feel so clean and smooth after using any of their facewashes.

Marisa Scott said...

me too they're line is the ONLY line that doesn't dry my skin out, i love them!!!