Friday, April 13, 2012

DIY Friendship bracelet and Neon Necklace

The Chevron Friendship Bracelet

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The Chevron Friendship Bracelet

What you'll need:
• 4 Strands of thread each 5ft long, each in a different color
• Tape or safety pin to hold your bracelet in place while you braid it

Step 1: Line up your 4 strands and fold them in half. Tie a knot about half an inch from the fold

Step 2: Tape or pin the knot to a flat surface and spread out each strand so that no color is touching the one next to it

Step 3: Take the first strand that is on your far left and make a knot with the strand next to it on its right, in my case it would be the neon green strand, working from my left to right I would tie a knot around the blue, next the orange, lastly the purple. Then I would move to the other side and starting from my right to left I would tie the green strand around the blue, next the yellow, and lastly the purple. At this point the two green strands should be in the middle of the bracelet. I would then tie those two together and repeat the process with the other colors.

Step 4: Continue the process through all of the colors. Stop braiding when you've reached a length that fits your wirst.

The Neon Necklace

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The Neon Necklace

What You'll Need:
Rhinestone necklace, paint brush, and neon nail polish

Once you've collected all your items all you'll have to do is paint the stones in your necklace your favorite neon color. I reccomend keeping your necklace on the paper card that you purchased it on so you don't get paint on your table or work surface. Other than that its a really simple and fast project to do to get the look!

(photos: Marisa Scott for Citizen LMS)


KT of said...

You are so creative, I never think to paint with nail polish! Great job on the friendship bracelets also! I tried doing this for a party I threw a few montha ago called Fashion and Friendship and wanted to give away friendship bracelets to our guests... and oh my goodness, I had no clue what I was getting into (lol). It took me an hour to go one and I had to do 20!!! I ended up doing the wrap bracelets which took 10 mins for each! Anyway, I love your blog! :)

Marisa said...

aww thank so much for the love doll!! I came across the neon trick on another blog and wanted to try it for myself. and those friendship bracelets do take a while to get the hang of, taping or pinning it down to a flat surface at the top definitely helps keep all the strings from getting tangled together. :)