Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Booty's Workout Plan

I came across these pictures on "My Spine Is The Bass Line" Blog ( and it has totally motivated me to get my booty in, I'll admit mine is pretty cute but I want it to look like THAT! Here are some tips from Cosmo's " The Marisa Miller Workout" article on

Single-Leg Squat: Step 1
Works: Thighs, butt
Stand with your back 2 feet in front of your chair, hands on your hips. Rest the top of your left foot on the edge of the chair seat.

Single-Leg Squat: Step 2
Squat until your left knee is about 6 inches off the ground, then go back to start. Do 15 reps; switch legs and repeat.
Works: Thighs, butt, and shoulders
Holding a 3- to 5-pound dumbbell in your right hand, rest the top of your left foot on the chair seat. As you squat, raise the dumbbell to shoulder height; lower dumbbell as you return to start. Do 15 reps, then repeat using your right leg and left arm.

Resistance-Band Kicks: Step 1
Works: Outer and inner thighs
Standing with your hands on your hips, feet shoulder-width apart, tie a resistance band around both ankles. Kick your right leg out to the side 20 times.

Resistance-Band Kicks: Step 2
Kick your right leg to the left across your body then return to center. Do 20 times; switch legs and repeat.
Works: Butt
Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, resistance band tied around your ankles, kick back and then return to start. Repeat 20 times.



Wow this is really handy! I've been looking for something like this! Nice pics btw...quite motivating;-)


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Marisa Scott said...

thanks, I have this whole new workout plan and a sore booty now thanks to those glad you like the pics


thnx for following!


Marisa Scott said...

Anytime ;)

VanilahFashion said...

haha taking note!

Stace said...

that is ONE amazing butt.
gosh, I need to start working out..


LoganCDO said...

hell yeah! these workouts will do your booty fine! do jump squats too! do like 3 sets of 15 jump squats. make sure your knees never go past your toes when you come down from the jump. I do them everytime I workout, whether its capoeira or at the gym doing strength and conditioning =) love ya sasha!

Marisa Scott said...

haha i'll write those down! Thanks Lo ;) luv ya