Friday, August 20, 2010

Animation part 1

Hey guys here are some of my old projects from my animation classes, I was feeling a little nostalgic since I haven't been able to animate in a very long really miss it. There's just something about being able to create a world with characters and stories and breathing life into it that is just beyond cool! Enjoy.


Project: The Factory
I've been working on this environment off and on for a year or so now,I designed it to be a factory with elements of a Cambodian temple and tree roots growing through it. A few years ago in my concept development class we had to come up with an environment that had the elements of two different civilizations represented in the environment. In my concept the civilization of the Temple came first, next the industrial civilization and then finally nature comes to reclaim both (hence the environment being taken over by the tree and its roots)

Project: Bo-Bo
Bo Bo is a character I created in my 2D animation class, I have no clue where the inspiration for the actual character design came from, I just sat down and started drawing in my sketchbook and he's what came out. LOL He's one of my weirdest characters and one of my favorites, he looks totally disturbing i've been told but his personality is that of someone who is extremely sweet and pleasing to others.

Project: La Llorona
This character is from my rigging class, she was created based upon mexican mythology, Dia de Los Muertos art, and some ads from my Vogue magazines

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