Thursday, April 14, 2011

DIY Project: Bird Ring Replica

modeling clay and x-acto knife

bird and my reference

Ring band and Birdie's eyes (which came from butterfly hair clips that used to be my grandmother's)

Cured birdie, branch, and ring band

Hey guys here are some progress shots of the Bird Ring, it was pretty simple to put together for the majority of the project. The only hard part was sculpting the bird. Its not exact of course but it think he'll look great once the the band is painted, lacquered and he's gold leafed. Stay tuned for shots of the finished product!!!!


Claire said...

Awesome! Working with sculpy is so much fun. Looking good. :-)

Marisa Scott said...

I know right!, I just stumbled across this package that i had from school and it's still Gonna make a maquette next week, its been FOREVER since the last time I did one of those..LOL