Thursday, October 8, 2009

Painting the Past

Hey guys, so I'm trying to get better at blogging every week so bear with This week was pretty busy with letterhead and business card designs and a poster design for Savannah State University's Liberal Arts department. I really enjoyed working on that and got to have a lot of fun with the direction of it.

I'm also about to start two watercolor paintings for my parents' Christmas presents. My mom will be receiving a portrait of herself as a baby with her mother and my father will be receiving a portrait of his father. I'll be posting more progress shots over the weekend but here are my reference photos for the paintings. Good thing my parents don't read my

my grandmother with my mother and five of her siblings. My grandmother had two more children so there 4 boys and 4 girls total. I don't know how she did but she held everyone and my grandfather down! ;)

My grandfather on my dad's side. He lives up in Jersey now and used to play for the Black Yankees in the negro leagues. He looks EXACTLY like my

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