Monday, October 26, 2009

Treasure Hunt

most of my accessories consist of my grandmother's jewelry, i love wearing it, always reminds me of her ;)

vintage top, mom's belt, F21 jeans and sweater , random bracelets

This weekend was my first time venturing out and going to some second hand shops in town and I must say I was very happy with what I found. I have two other jackets and two other shirts that I got so I'll post those as I wear them. I think when I go back I'll look for some dresses, brooches, clutches (for Christmas gifts I'm working on), bracelets, and rings...Oh my! :D


Fashionista* said...

such lovely jewelry
i'll take a look in my grandmom's closeth

Marisa Scott said...

yea i loooove my grandmother's jewelry i wear it with just about everything i