Sunday, February 6, 2011

Jack Preston and The Dojo Collective

I had an awesome time watching my friends play their set at this showcase, next time I'll get more and better pictures. If your in Atlanta check them out: Jack Preston and The Dojo Collective. Now time for some FOOTBALL!!!!!!! :)


Shilpi said...

I LOVE your feather vest!



Marisa Scott said...

Thanks!! Its from Anarchy Street

Allegra said...

wow! must be amazing

Angie Aquarius said...

Nice pics! I love to watch at friends while they're making music!

Hope you enjoyed the football-match!

*From Munich With Love*

Marisa Scott said...

thanks Angie and Allegra, I had an awesome time watching the guys play in the band.

Jenny Ong said...

Love your vest! I thought it was from Zara but I just saw that it's from Anarchy Street... love it :)

You look great too BTW! x

Marisa Scott said...

thanks Jenny!!! yea i got it from anarchy and i love it!!!!