Monday, July 25, 2011

Seeing Green

Hey guys, here's a quickie DIY post of some earrings I made out of some Nine West shoes my mom gave me a few years ago. I had never worn them and I found them earlier today cleaning out my closet. Sorry for the blurriness btw.




Tilly said...

wow, did you make it tho?

Marisa said...

I just had to cut them and rewire the backs to make them fit together the way I wanted. Next I'll add the ear pieces I just have to find ones that are the right color and buy them

April said...

Such a great idea! Love it! (Wonder if I have any cute shoes like that lying around??)

Marisa said...

April: all you need is a seam ripper or tiny pair of manicure scissors if the item you want to remove from the shoes is sewn on. Thanks all I used to remove mine, and wire cutters to further detach pieces of the brooch to make the smaller pair of earrings