Wednesday, June 23, 2010

BDay ABC Wishlist

Its exactly one month until my 27th birthday and I'm super excited. I can't believe it 27...the ironic thing is that around this time of year a FAQ I get is "hey I bet your excited to be out of high school, what college are you going to?" LOL you should see the looks I get when I tell people how old I am, but hey that's a great problem to have I can only imagine the looks I'll get when I'm 37.'s a mini wishlist of the things I want and things I'll be getting this year.


Art Supplies

I get the same high from art supply shopping as I do for, these are some essentials that I will be adding to my studio in the near future. I'm desperately in need of a new easel and paint.


This is just a small fraction of the 200-some odd books that I have on my Barnes and Noble wishlist. Right now it currently consists of Advertising, Cinematography, Art of (insert your fav movie), painting, and Fashion books. I'm always adding to it sometimes on a daily basis.


these are just a few of my favorite pieces from F21, Topshop and Asos.


LoganCDO said...

I like the wishlist..=) haha

LEO's are the best!

Marisa Scott said...

haha u know it!! :), i reeeeeeeally want those shoes..LOL they match my and the easel

Sofi said...

nice blog!!

im following!

hope you too

Marisa Scott said...

Hey Sofi, I'll definitely be checking your blog out thanks so much for your comment!