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Got Good Vibes

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So I'm back to repost something I just read on one of my friend's facebook pages. I've been a fan of his writing and we both share alot of the same views on love and relationships and I really love hearing a different point of view. Its always been said that you reap what you sew and that you are given what you give out. This note/blog is about the vibrations we knowingly and unknowingly give out to others especially when it comes to attraction. It was so interesting that he posted this today because I had just seen Oprah today and the topic was about sexual attraction from a biological and physiological point of view.

Original post by Shamayim
A beautiful friend of mine (Cidney Thi) posted a very interesting blogs on why we attract who we attract

If you have gone through your life wondering why do you attract certain people or particular types of people over the years you might find this blog interesting. Perhaps you think you don't actually attract anyone in particular, maybe you believe random people just happen to appear in your life through nothing more than chance. It's definitely not chance and there is what you might say, a mathematical reason behind each and every person you have ever attracted and will attract in the future. The truth is, although you may not be aware of it consciously there is a reason why you attract certain people, your subconscious mind is aware of every person who enters your life and for what reason. It is however up to your conscious mind whether they remain a part of your life.

Everything in the universe gives off a unique vibration, this includes people and no two vibrations are exactly the same. Although, vibrations can be very similar to one another and it is these invisible vibrations we give off that draw to us, events or other people who vibrate at a similar rate. Have you ever noticed that successful people associate with other successful people? Likewise, lazy people associate with others like themselves. How many active, successful people who take charge of their life do you know who spend time with others who sit around all day and watch TV? The reason is not because one person is better than the other, it is because these two types of people are giving off such a different rate of vibration that they simply couldn't share the same space for any length of time and one of the answers as to why do you attract certain people.

The same thing goes for confident people and insecure people. They are not a match. Don't make the mistake of thinking confidence and outgoing mean the same thing, this is not the case. You can be confident within yourself but not be outgoing. Many confident people are very reserved, and may appear to be shy or insecure but engage them in a conversation and their confidence is obvious. Sometimes when an insecure person who may have had a few drinks and has a temporary heightened sense of confidence meets a confident person and has a good time together, when they meet up at a later stage when nobody is under the influence of stimulants, they suddenly feel incompatible. Alcohol or drugs may have the effect of raising or lowering your rate of vibration temporarily but in the long run you will revert back to your normal rate of vibration so be aware that anyone you meet under those circumstances could be different the next time you meet. This is another reason why you attract certain people.

So you might be wondering for example why a seemingly nice woman may be attracted to what appears to be an undesirable man. Well the truth is they may be attracted to each other but seem different on the outside but it's most likely, actually I'd say definitely, they are vibrating at a similar rate from the inside. Although it doesn't make a lot of sense to many of us when we see a girl keep going back to a guy who abuses her, or vice versa. The reason is once again due to their similar rate of vibration and more proof of why you attract certain people. They are probably two very insecure people who have been drawn together. It becomes a vicious cycle when the person being abused continues to feel so low from the abuse and therefore remains in a lower state of vibration. Likewise the insecure abuser is so eaten up by guilt and fear that his actions are the very reason he remains with a low rate of vibration. So when each horrible incident passes for this couple their similar vibration draws them back together. The unfortunate thing is, genuinely caring people who try to help people in these situations are emitting a higher and more positive rate of vibration and often their help is shunned by those they are trying to help.

The good news is though, if you can get your mind around the reasons why you are attracted to certain people by understanding the law of vibration and also the law of attraction you can make progress towards changing yourself for the better and this will have the added benefit of raising your vibration.

So if you find yourself in a situation where you are attracting people who are not right for you, it's up to you to take a long look at your bigger picture. If you can pinpoint what it is that upsets you about someone you have attracted it would be wise to look for where those similar traits might arise in you. When you are happy within yourself and treat others how you would also like to be treated and do so because you want to, not because you have to, the universe will draw to you the people who are most like you. I have used the word "you" many times in this last paragraph and for good reason. This whole blog is all about YOU.

To your bliss,

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