Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Settle or Not to Settle?

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Settle or Not to Settle

Lately I've been having conversations about relationships in which people settle or feel as if they are settling for less than what they want or deserve. I believe in soulmates and with that I guess its safe to say that for me I will never settle. I won't repeat everything that was said in my last post but I'm currently waiting an preparing for the love that God created for me so settling isn't an option. I can't speak for other people but one thing that I have come to notice is that when people feel as if they are settling then usually they are...And yet they continue to stay in situations that make them feel stuck and unhappy.

I think people settle because they are comfortable with the way things are, its very scary to start over and to put yourself out there all over again but its ultimately up to them to asses the situation and see it for what it is or to continue to stick it out. In my opinion Love doesn't hurt. Simple as that, Love endures the test of time, trials, tribulations, it uplifts and stands by your side, and continuously gives in a cycle without ever expecting anything in return. I think there are so many people who have never fully experienced this so its easy to accept substitutions or things that me kind of look like love but it never really is thinking its the real thing. When people find the real thing they will never look back :)

1 Corinthians 13 in the Bible gives us a beautiful definition of real
love: (In this King James translation the word "charity" means "love.")

Love is a gift, handle it with care
Blessings & infinite light

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