Thursday, April 23, 2009

MY King

* please forgive me for not knowing who the photographer of this beautiful photo is

African King of ebony skin, over the moon and through the stars and galaxies I would fly through to reach you. Your shoulders are broader than the Sahara itself with enough strength to carry the weight of your people. Brown and beautiful you are, with an intelligence that surpasses the infinite darkness or ignorance. You sustain me with your love in the same that the Nile sustains its people. When I long for you and thirst to feel your touch, I journey to your banks waiting for you to flood me with your love and gentleness. Baptized by your essence and bathing in you glory. He is my alpha and omega...with arms strong enough to encircle me and all my problems, and eyes deeper than mahogany, every time they catch mine i willingly fall and drown in them. He is the common denominator to all my equations and he mentally stimulates every cell in my being. i want to be your source supplying you with my life-force, come to me when darkness invades your space and allow me to illuminate your shadows with the radiance I receive from the Creator. Through him I am transformed from a mere woman into his beautiful child, your anointed wife. Chosen by him to be your queen in my own rite, by your side I stand rooted, unmoved, and un-phased by the storm. Your spirit has captured me and I am yours until the end of time.....

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