Saturday, April 18, 2009

Love is light

Nothing by Brandy
"Nobody knows that I miss you, Nobody knows but its the truth. I can feel it. I do....
You've been away from me for to long, its time to come home babe. No one can say what's right for me, they don't know and they can't see.... "

"Lay me down" by Tomei

lay me down in the rise and fall of your chest, i wanna be here in this moment spend this time with the one who knows me best. lay me down in fields of lavender and jasmine, when things get so complicated and crazy like they have been. i wanna close my eyes and wrap myself up in you, pull you closer than close my favorite security blanket. protected, safe, and warm...i absolutely love it. lay me down, play me some Coltrane, especially when it rains. lay me down after you've turned out all the lights, i love it when we have these quiet nights. lay me down after a hot shower, lay me down so we can make love for hours...just lay me down...

"Sometimes you make me smile" by Floetry

Where is my heaven?
Where can you be?
How do I get there?
Do I believe?
Where is my sunshine?
Where is your light?
I wanna see you,
So you can make me smile.

The most fragile part of me,
Nurses our strongest connection.
You live in my memory.
With a philosophy,
That now offers me completion.
I’m so well.
And it’s strange to be.
I’m torn by misdirection.
You’re my ambassador.
You personify my admiration.
So beautiful.
I live for you.
As you live for me.

This is such a happy ever after.
You traveled miles,
Now we’re past the finishing line.
We’re starting on time.
My Art wears your name,
If they knew where to look.
They’d find it.
You showed me.
I am I,
Because you be.
So magnificent.
The most amazing story I ever told.
So much more to be written.
Thank you.

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