Monday, July 2, 2012

M's Most Wanted: J u l i e l l i


Julielli is a New York based line of accessories founded by sisters, Julie and Anna Reinberg. The line features trendy, chic, and artisan crafted jewelry that's hand selected by these stylish siblings that has tons of longevity for every season. I came across them through my friend Kamii (owner of Truth Clothing) and as soon as I saw their line I knew I had to feature them on the M's Most Wanted list! What I love most about their line is that they have the perfect pieces to add extra character to your arm party; I myself just ordered the cross bracelet and the Druzy ring and I can't wait to wear them!!



tee+fame said...

Oh wow, such gorgeous pieces!!

x Stace

Marisa said...

@Stace I know right, those were just the 5 that I chose but they have such great pieces. I can't wait to get my order and get some of the anklets they have.


Kamii said...

Amazing!!! I love!!!! :)

Marisa said...

<3 you Kamii!!! I'm totally geeked for the new Truth Collection!!!